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An Introduction

Why CraftLass? As with many wonderful things in life, it started as a joke.  I was doing a lot of crafts for my sister’s wedding and needed an alias for a new email address quickly.  Then I realized that I spend a lot of my time crafting in a broader sense.  Writing prose and songs, cooking, baking, doing graphic design for work and pleasure, trying to create a nice home for my partner and me (even if it doesn’t come naturally at all), creating businesses… it’s all about making things that make people happy and maybe even benefit them.

The “Lass” part is simpler to explain, I’m proudly half-Irish (and just as proudly half-Italian, in case you’re curious).  It’s such a pretty word, too, much better than “girl” or even “woman”.

As for my tagline, well, I think the whole idea of the “renaissance man” is a wonderful concept that should be revived.  People specialize too much these days.  A friend once told me that I need to stop being so interested in everything or I’d become a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none but I have no idea how to turn my brain off that much.  Everything I learn leads me to something new and I wouldn’t want to be any other way.  Frankly, every time I explore a new area of interest it makes me better at the things I already do.  If you don’t feed your noggin how can it grow?

So, this blog may be a bit of a mish-mash of topics, but it’s the one place I can express all my facets in true geeky glory.  As another friend commented once, “You taught me to always expect the unexpected.”  I will do my best live up to that gigantic compliment!



1. russ - December 23, 2009

mish-mash of topics = THE BEST BLOGS!

2. Conferencing Software Voice - July 16, 2010

mish-mash of topics = THE BEST BLOGS!

3. renee - August 25, 2012

Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you are well!

4. Spacegary - March 22, 2013

How do I contact you? I would like permission to reprint some of your How to Love a Space Geek blog column. Thank you.

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